A Place for Lovely Thoughts

A place for sharing lovely thoughts,

A place to reflect, to think and ponder,

A place to gather lovely stones,

That constructs make, yet room to wander.

– Watergirl


Life Eternal

“To know GOD is Life Eternal. There must therefore some exceeding Great Thing be always attained in the Knowledge of Him. To know God is to know Goodness.”

Excerpt From

Centuries of Meditations

Thomas Traherne


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Stringing the Peas

“You see, Lady Swaffham, if ever you want to commit a murder, the thing you’ve got to do is to prevent people from associatin’ their ideas. Most people don’t associate anythin’—their ideas just roll about like so many dry peas on a tray, makin’ a lot of noise and goin’ nowhere, but once you begin lettin’ ’em string their peas into a necklace, it’s goin’ to be strong enough to hang you, what?”

— Dorothy Sayers